File Cabinets in Cincinnati & Louisville

File cabinets are an often underappreciated, yet crucial part of almost every office. Just like any other piece of office furniture, file cabinets should fit in with the aesthetic of the rest of your office space. If not, they can stick out like a sore thumb. To find cabinets from premier brands for a price that won’t break your bank, come to Liquidators’ World.

Filing Cabinets for Every Office

Most offices need storage of some sort. Whether it’s papers, office supplies, products, or more, file cabinets serve to store a range of items you don’t want cluttering up your workspace. Liquidators’ World sells a variety of sizes - from small cabinets that slide under your desk to large filing cabinets that can hold thousands of sheets of paper.  

Our Showrooms

Liquidators’ World is one of the largest office furniture liquidators in the Midwest. We have showrooms open to the public in both Cincinnati and Louisville, and we also serve the Dayton and Lexington areas. Whether you are the owner of a small business or you are in charge of buying office furniture for a Fortune 500 company, used file cabinets from Liquidators’ World are an excellent choice.

Our Inventory

Our inventory of file cabinets is extensive and includes different sizes, dimensions, and colors. We acquire new inventory daily, so if we don’t have exactly what you need, continue checking back in with us! 

Every piece of office furniture that we sell has been meticulously inspected for quality and thoroughly cleaned. Our team of dedicated professionals are eager to assist you will all your used office furniture needs and can even help you with space planning. Our file cabinets, cubicles, bookcases, desks, and office chairs sell for 60-80% off the price of brand new pieces.

Whether your office is located in Lexington, Indianapolis, Dayton, or Cincinnati, you can trust Liquidators’ World as a source for used office file cabinets, cubicles, workstations, conference tables, chairs, and more. Some of the popular brands of used office furniture we sell include:

Whether you are downsizing, remodeling, or relocating and want to sell office furniture, we happily buy large quantities of used office furniture from locations across the country. Want to sell your office furniture? Request a quote to sell!

Contact us for more information or to visit one of our showrooms today!

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